Astral dreams…

Caught between these parallel lines

Jumping from ledge to rhyme

I see it now I see the divine

Holding the case supplied, a way into my mind

Shattered pieces bathed in gold

Becoming a series untold

fold the map, let’s go

Worm holes of time held still

Bend your mind, bend your will

It was left to be fulfilled

Seemingly scared of the clouds

Creating dissolution of shrouds

I can’t wait I can’t come down

Floating along the river

Fortifying a giver of shivers

Too close too far my hearts deliver

Behold the night it’s covered in silver

Begin the fight of ones pride

Taking it in small strides

Wondering if these lines ever collide

Riding the waves of astral time



It’s done, I’m gone, not lost to be found

But risen from the ash, safe and sound

I’ve chosen to be apart of this higher ground

To live many lives in this very realm

To break myself upon the rocks and shake the very loam

To make art of uncertainty woes

While wrapped up like the roots that moan

Brace yourself for the undertow

The grid has been disclosed you cannot hide

The veil has fallen and exposed the denied

Your hearts true desires no longer abide

With agendas that steal away precious time

It seeps through the ether into your veins

Sets fire to your soul and soon sets gain

Burning down the walls of shame

Removing all those childish games

Leaving hope for the strong willed

To live our lives beyond fulfilled


A shortened breath followed by an intense pulse

Raging through my veins like a dose of cocaine

Rushing colors and waves to where I lose my mind

Warmth surges through my body into the depths of my soul

Unknowingly losing control its taking its toll

My hands are tied and I’m drawn to the flame

My skin excretes your tumultuous gain

As I pant gasping for air

My core has swallowed the moon and has become full

Life before seems so dull without this pull

This ache that has bewitched me to turn on myself

A human condition we can suffer our entire lives

Love.. To do so we must be able to not choose it

To lose is a great scar we will all bare in good time

What love isn’t is necessarily a happy ending

It doesn’t even usually last forever

Never a quick fix after we’ve been shattered by ourselves

A fake it until you feel it as you’re body is never fooled by such nonsense

What love is… A lasting impression on our souls

A sacrifice we make when it is real

A selfless awe that should never be feared

A heavy heart pulled apart to the core

A tear that seems to fall at the thought of letting go

An enormous amount of growth in order to know our own truth

A missed chance for a connection from time and space

A glimpse of the sun as the day fades away into darkness

As I step forward into the unknown,

I know this… To be honest about who I am and honest to my heart, even when this world seems to fall apart❤️

non si possono soffrire…

I’m starting to understand more of you’re ways of love. You once said “our relationship has nothing to do with any other relationships.  All relationships are separate from others creating space ultimately for more love.”

But in all this time of us knowing and loving each other, I had harbored some form of resentment towards you. Maybe even jealousy. Not for loving you, but because it seemed we could never see eye to eye when we tried to put a name to it. And the freeness you exuded while being able to love this way ultimately seemed less potent. And at times, it felt you never reciprocated the love I was feeling toward you in your inconsistency of affections you showed me. Which isn’t true because we still care for each other after all this time no matter who has come in and out of our lives. Even whenever we touch, it still moves me more than anyone ever has. Therefore time has stood still in this observation of “love” we have for each other. And then it goes away just as fast as it came, and in those whirlwinds brings me an abundance of words and inspirations I could spout to you all day.

For this I owe you an apology. For only seeing my own side, I ruled out the possibilities of yours having any truth to being free in loving others. When all this time I have loved many and not wanted attachment, but simply needed someone to hold space for me and the loss I’ve been processing over the last decade. Not many have be equipped to hold space and not try to “fix” everything, when all I ever wanted was someone to stand beside be while I save myself.

It’s funny, because I have loved more than most, but I have also lost more than most. For this, it created a bit of a hiccup in attachment. Making me feel as if I hold on tighter, it might make a difference. That concept couldn’t be further from the truth. I had to learn to “let go”being forced to let go of people I love. Including you many times. Some being that I can never talk, see or even hug again, much less tell them I love them. When I can still tell you anytime how I feel.

I could never see pass the plank in my own eye and passed judgment towards you for being what seemed careless for women including myself. When really I was lying to myself, until now.

So I apologize to you. And I also thank you. For continuing to love me in the ways you know how to love. For inspiring me in so many ways, that I am able to convey in words to you how much I really do love you and never want to change you. And for never wanting to cage me, but to run free as we did as when we were kids.

I’ll always challenge you in your wicked ways, but I will make more of an effort to see it not from my own understanding, but remain neutral in the truth of it all. ♥️

A strangers exchange…

Oh many times before

I’ve seen you at the grocery store

Exchanging kind words and phrases

I stutter before your good graces

You seem to keep the pace

While I politely escape with such haste

How is it to be?

You are a mystery to me

That I am not obliged to say

How can I say?

I’m taken while I’ve been whisked away

By this strangers gaze

There’s been some kind of evidence

Of me wrapped up with you

After I ran away leaving a shoe

Distracted by the fact it’s not an act

My smile reveals to you

How is it to be?

You are an awe of mystery

That I’m not allowed to say

How can I say?

I’ve been taken while I can’t be given away

By this strangers gaze

Then one day came

You stopped me while I was off my game

Trying to convey

I fell in love with you’re display

Of gentle tones and effortless way

With words the little you did say

How can this be?

You will remain be a mystery

I’m not allowed to say

How can I say?

I’ve quite enjoyed our innocent play

So when you see me

Know I’m writing mysteries

Most are afraid to say

I was made this way

To write the ways of carried praise

That’s turned the dark into grey

So thank you from me to you

Inspiring me to write this way

As you go about your day

Pause and think of such youth

Of a mutual admiration displayed


Once there was a girl so fair

That waltzed on stilts without a care

And mesmerized men by the dozens with gifts so delightfully rare

Her high heel Mary Janes

To the tips of her very mane

Grips your soul beyond control yet still remains

The shape of her lips, hips

Curves down up through to her fingertips

Ignite a fire inside I must admit

Conveying truth spoken without words

Her body conforms for the mind thinks obscured

I’m telling you she’s not the kind that goes unheard

Dreaming wishing she could be mine

How could this be for she is divine

While all the binds hold time for which I am the unfortunate kind

The rarities…

Imagine it, waiting stargazing

In the middle of the night the light

stirred graciously amongst the skies

My dream have bled into this instead

Can’t seem to find my shoes

Crystal clear as dark absent the light

With fires burning turning planets bright

She’s settled in after a night of beaming

Glowing of amber set to believing

His warmth comes close perceived revering

They dance around the earth that’s keeps the ground

Unable to hear each others sound

For their are no atoms to be found

Still their cores call to one another after all

Knowing they spend their light years

Suspended in space rarely catching a glimpse of the face

That keeps the fire burning with such haste

Reverberating throughout time and space

Destined to dance alongside the gods with grace

Blood moon…

The evening approaches after a lovely Fall day

The birds are rejoicing, singing and sway

The fields are lit as the sun sets behind the Black hills

The air is cooling bringing a crisp chill

The earth is rich and energizing to my bare feet

Walking, gazing until the moon and my eyes meet

The sky is turning without a cloud in sight

Waiting for the blood moon to come out this night

Her face hides beneath the sun’s hue

Setting my heart to fire and coming unglued

My arms fall to my sides as I soak up her magical presence

Letting go of all of my seeded vengeance

Listening while the planets align

Many layers begin to unwind

The grass at my feet, the dirt oh so sweet

Ground me to this earth and my thoughts it keeps

Setting intentions to become a light to this world

Even if I’m just one sweet girl

A warriors intention from my soul within

Breathe in the love she sends beyond heaven 💙<<<<