Astral dreams…

Caught between these parallel lines

Jumping from ledge to rhyme

I see it now I see the divine

Holding the case supplied, a way into my mind

Shattered pieces bathed in gold

Becoming a series untold

fold the map, let’s go

Worm holes of time held still

Bend your mind, bend your will

It was left to be fulfilled

Seemingly scared of the clouds

Creating dissolution of shrouds

I can’t wait I can’t come down

Floating along the river

Fortifying a giver of shivers

Too close too far my hearts deliver

Behold the night it’s covered in silver

Begin the fight of ones pride

Taking it in small strides

Wondering if these lines ever collide

Riding the waves of astral time


Blood moon…

The evening approaches after a lovely Fall day

The birds are rejoicing, singing and sway

The fields are lit as the sun sets behind the Black hills

The air is cooling bringing a crisp chill

The earth is rich and energizing to my bare feet

Walking, gazing until the moon and my eyes meet

The sky is turning without a cloud in sight

Waiting for the blood moon to come out this night

Her face hides beneath the sun’s hue

Setting my heart to fire and coming unglued

My arms fall to my sides as I soak up her magical presence

Letting go of all of my seeded vengeance

Listening while the planets align

Many layers begin to unwind

The grass at my feet, the dirt oh so sweet

Ground me to this earth and my thoughts it keeps

Setting intentions to become a light to this world

Even if I’m just one sweet girl

A warriors intention from my soul within

Breathe in the love she sends beyond heaven 💙<<

Cave of wonders..


The bartender pours me a sweet pear that ignites a fire of blushing waves

The sounds of a nostalgic world Creeps through the dark spaces of my mind

Finding through time we have sipped many fine wines

Wondering where your travels have taken your heart as if you wear the faces on every single part

The amber pours over the iceberg and the sweet taste of honey seeps into my veins

The induced flow of poison sets in and soon gains

The night grows late and the moon is full

The fire keeps burning as dripping with gold as the last drink takes hold

My pulse is slowed and almost stopped 

night before has come to thought

heart races as the senses are drawn in

Hips, lips, fingertips all within

What is this love that has been left at my feet?

A carousel retreat that no one can repeat. 

Sid and Nancy…

As I sit one fine day at a time
With a name and a gun in my mind
I say I hate you but I love you the most, love you the most
The shape and the fit of my hands
I stand with 5 and 1 and soon we will dance
I said I hate to but I love you the most, love you the most
The scent and the dirt kicked up on my dress
You left my make up and hair a mess
I hate you but I love you the most, love you the most
Can we go out for a walk, in the city with the lights of bright
With a gun and a rope and cobra to sing the lonesome lullabies 
Some will be scared away some will hide in plane sight
We will take heed and god speed as I pull the trigger tight
The scent of sulfur and sweat
Has the nerves and pheromones a flow
The wind kicks up instead and the likes of you in my head
I hold the gun with might and I wait for your signal at night....
But I'm still that sweet girl that you have in mind
With a new and improved way of sight
Still I hate you but I love you the most, love you the most.


The dark knight…

Riding at dusk, through the cars

Swift and smooth as a vanilla musk

She growls and Hums as my body vibrates

My heart jumps and I hold tight 

As we own this night

Becoming one with the wolf that’s shared 

No time to be scared 

Petrichor filling my lungs, with tied back hair

Riding all night till mornings dew

Fulfilling my hearts urge of you

Overcome with a rush of release

Singing my soul has found its peace~

Remain nameless…

There you sit across from me

Sharing things that no one sees

Inducing abrupt biology

Crippling the thought of a tangled dream

We’ve been here before

Sharing with clothes on the floor

Though this conclave has no name

I still remain the same

We can call it what we want

You can call me anything you want

Anytime you want

I’m the one that brings the haunt

Everyone ends up letting you down

In a bubble of a town

What a difference of consorts come around

Just tell me what you’re running from

Though I’ll do the same

I will live without shame

But what’s in a name

When I still remain the same

Call me when you need me

I’ll leave this world with you gracefully


Moments of transcendence

Basking in the sun

Over to the ocean

In another world

I’m not your kind

I’m not your girl

Once upon a time

But not your dear 

Except fated yuanfen 

Remains unsaid 

See you’re in my car

But not my life

I’m not your kind

I’m not your love

Once upon a time 

In another world

Holding our heads high

My heart conceals inside

Except these words I write

Reveal the truth at night